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"The Volturi aren't supposed to be the villains, the way the seem to you. They are the foundation of our peace and civilization."

Edward Cullen to Bella Cullen and Jacob Black

The Volturi are the largest and most powerful coven of vampires. They enforce the laws of the vampire world.

The equivalent of royalty in the vampire world is handled by Marcus, Sulpicia, Athenodora and Vladimir in Volterra, Italy while the Olympic coven is the peace and civilization of their world since Aro’s downfall from the Romanian coven as they made the change in the laws to allow any family member related to a civilize vampire to know about the supernatural as long as they swore to secrecy.


The Volturi act as the unofficial royalty in the world of vampires, and are an incredibly influential coven. They are also considered 'nighttime patrons of the arts' as, because of their inability to sleep, they study the arts at night. The Volturi act as guardians, keeping the secret society of vampires hidden from the human world as needed. They are often used to sort out situations of a threat that is a danger to both worlds. The coven has existed for over 3000 years, and is the largest coven in existence, followed by the Olympic, the Denali, the Detroit and the Mexican covens.


Throughout the centuries, the Volturi have established and enforced a number of laws that all vampires are expected to obey on pain of death. There aren't many of these laws, and they mainly concern the secrecy surrounding the existence of vampires.

The laws are not written down; to write them would in itself be an infraction. Instead, the laws are passed by word of mouth from vampire to vampire.

  • Hunts must be inconspicuous, with victims unlikely to be missed; their remains must be disposed of and territory must be changed often.
  • Incapable of self-control, and therefore a threat of exposure, immortal children are not to be created. Such creation is the ultimate taboo and punishable by death to both child, the creator, those who defend the child and those who know of its existence.
  • Dealing with Children of the Moon, except for the purpose of extermination, is prohibited.
  • False witness, regardless of intent, is punishable by death.
  • Hunting is forbidden in Volterra, the town of residence of the Volturi; their food is brought from outside, sometimes from quite far away.
  • Attention should not be drawn and vampires should not be noticed in open sunlight.
  • The creator is responsible for his newborn's behavior and teaching of the laws before they can be released on their own. By letting a newborn hunt conspicuously, the penalty will be death both to the newborn and its creator. Even if the newborn is ignorant of the law, his rash acts are still punishable by death.
  • Vampires' interaction with humans must not draw wide attention. If a human becomes aware of them, the vampire at fault would be responsible for silencing that human. This mostly leads to two options: either make the human join the immortals or silence that human permanently. As long as attention isn't drawn widely that prompts the Volturi's involvement, they may never find out.
  • If a civilize vampire has family members that are living and is human, they have the right to know about the world of vampires as long as they swore to secrecy.

Throughout the centuries, many vampires are born after the laws were established, and every vampire was taught of these laws by their creator. Though they think of the laws as an accepted fact, they do not know that it is really the Volturi's scheme to maintain control of the vampire world. To this day, many vampires continue to obey the laws. Like the Cullens are obeying, which leads them to move approximately every 6 to 7 years to avoid suspicion in the human world.


(A/N: All history from the Volturi’s beginning to Twilight to Breaking Dawn can be read on the wiki fan page.)

Forever Together

Although they never appear in Forever Together, they were involved in the story. Eight years after the confrontation between them and the Cullens, Aro still plans on acquiring their powers, mainly Renesmee. He then hears about a group of gifted human siblings with unique abilities. Seeing how perfect they are to his plan, Aro along with Marcus and Caius traveled to Lacey, Washington but during a late night on the way in the city of May 23, 2015, they got thirsty and went to a nearest available home where they first attacked Jessica and Lilly Stone. They were confronted by Kendall Stone, the chief of police, when he heard his family’s cries and was attacked by Aro while he tries to shoot them causing a fire and Aro, Marcus and Caius flee leaving the Stone family to die from the fire. The three of them later found May, Niall and Olivia offering positions to join their coven which they accept and were turned into vampires enhancing their abilities.

A New Life

After two months of training his new members, Aro commences his plan to acquire the Cullens power starting with Renesmee. He sends May and Niall, along with a few guards, to first kidnap Renesmee and bring her back to Italy and then have Olivia use her gift to hypnotize Renesmee into joining their coven while May and Niall uses their gifts on the guards to assassinate the Cullens and Jacob and believed that they are now dead. However, Aro along with the rest of the coven were surprised when the Cullens and Jacob arrived along with their new member Lucas Stone revealing to have survived the assault because of Lucas’s gift and destroyed May and Niall and the rest of the guards. The Cullens demanded Aro to give Renesmee back but Aro states that Renesmee wanted to join their coven avoiding the lie caused by Olivia to block out Edward’s mind reading. As proof to convince the Cullens, Aro brings out Renesmee wearing their cloaks as she “admits” to wanting to join their coven. Seeing that he’s winning the battle, Aro offers the Cullens to join him if they want to be with Renesmee. However, Lucas was able to break Renesmee free of her trance by tricking Aro into believing he wants to join them when Lucas swatted Aro’s arm from reading his thoughts as he shot an aura sphere at Olivia sending her flying where she hit a wall and a torch fell on her where she vanished in the ash as Edward brought Renesmee back to his family.

Seeing that he won’t have Renesmee’s power and refuses to let the Cullens leave, he orders his guards to destroy the Cullens however the Cullens fought back despite the numbers until one guard uses his gift to disable Bella, Edward and Alice’s gifts so that Alec can use his to block out the Cullens senses to make it easier for the guards to restrain them. However Lucas used his aura to block out Alec’s gift and was the only one free. Aro then states how Lucas looks familiar allowing Edward to read his mind finding out that the Volturi were the ones that killed Lucas’s family in the fire causing Lucas to go on a rage as he takes down every member of the coven that got in his way single handily until he reaches Aro where he was about to kill him for revenge until he was stopped by Carlisle and Renesmee, who caused a hallucination to Lucas to see her as his sister Lilly. Seeing the outcome of his plans stating it was a “misunderstanding,” Aro reluctantly lets the Cullens and Jacob go home with Renesmee.

The Other Half & A Reason To Smile

One year after the humiliation from the Cullens, the Volturi were visited by a half-human half-vampire named Jonathan who is Olivia’s mate. When he asks where she is, they told Jonathan that Lucas killed her leaving out the part where it was unintentional causing Jonathan to go on a quest for revenge on Lucas which the Volturi allowed it as a way to destroy the Cullens, particularly Lucas.

Happily Ever After

The Volturi somehow received word that the Cullens are still alive and Lucas is now getting married to his mate Krystal Diamond who is now a vampire because of Jonathan. Aro sends Krystal a wedding gift, a diamond and sapphire bracelet with note which angers Lucas as Krystal tosses it in the trash.

Full Of Surprises

Two years after the event, the Volturi heard about the newborn army in Washington along something to do with obtaining power from the Cullens. So the entire coven with the wives set out to Forks to see the cause of it. There, they ran into the Cullens along with the Black pack who has captured Joham who has been creating a race of hybrids using human women as tools for his experiment. Aro then sees Tiffany Stewart with her daughter Lucina Stewart and hears about how gifted they are and eagerly offers them to join their coven only to be turned down by an anger Lucas who reminds them of what’s really going on. Lucas then scolds the Volturi about their failures of their job and the actions they’ve done. After being in silence, Aro orders Jane to use her gift on Joham to cause him pain as the guards destroy Joham and they all left the scene, once again, in humiliation.

Have A Purpose

Four years later, Alice sees that someone is planning to take down the Volturi but the future is still in planning. It was revealed that the Romanians planned it all out with help from their new recruitments Robyn, Raymundo and Jemma who is Demetri and Gianna’s daughter. They created an army using the Cullen’s gifts along with other covens they’ve come across by Robyn using her gift to mimic the gifts and transfer it to others with help from Raymundo who use his collecting gift to gather information. The Volturi were then taken down as each member were executed minus the wives, Marcus, who found out the truth of Aro murdering his wife, and Demetri who was reunited with his daughter.

After the downfall of Aro, Marcus sends a letter to the Cullens explaining what happened and offering them to join their coven. The Cullens and the Volturi made an agreement that Marcus, the wives and Vladimir will run things still in Italy while the Cullens will be the new rulers and law enforcers while still living their lives with the humans where they made an adjustment to the law saying that any living family member related to a civilize vampire have the right to know as long as they swore to secrecy and has since then been living that way.

Long Live Life

Fourteen years later as the Cullens and the Volturi continue ruling the world cooperatively, the Cullens were ambushed by metal vampires who are gifted where they are under someone’s control and they are vampires that were destroyed in the past including those that are alive. It was then revealed that a half-human half-vampire hybrid named Skai is behind it using the sword called IL Mietitore Capacità as he is using it to plot his revenge on Lucien Summers, who was once his friend, for killing Kourtney Collier, a human girl he had feelings for, by killing Luna Snow.

Skai soon started capturing every gifted vampire including Marcus, Sulpicia and the others before he captured the Cullens using them all to kill Lucien. However in the end, the sword is destroyed reversing the effects of those who were captured and Skai is destroyed by the Cullens because of Luna who was able to reverse the effects of the sword because of her human traits and Marcus and the others were free.


Current members

Marcus, Sulpicia and Anthenodora run things in Italy while the Cullens handle being law enforcers and being civilize with humans.

  • BD2 3


    Marcus: Marcus is the main leader there with the power of relationship identification. With it, he can read the emotional bonds of others and see the weaknesses. Aro uses his gift to find the weakest spots of their enemies' emotional bonds and then use it against them. Marcus has been completely apathetic and uninterested in everything since the death of his mate, Didyme.
  • Sulpicia0101-0


    Sulpicia: Formerly Aro’s mate with his gift of tactile telepathy given by Robyn when copying his gift and co-leader with Marcus and Anthenodora in Italy. Aro created her, because he wanted to make a mate instead of finding one in order to avoid complications.
  • Athenodora0101


    Anthenodora: Formerly Caius’s mate and co-leader with Marcus and Sulpicia in Italy.


  • Carlisle-562696 429619547081277 192949464 n-600x840

    Carlisle Cullen

    Carlisle Cullen: The official leader. Carlisle was once with the Volturi with Aro before he left after two decades forming his own coven. Apart from being the head member of the coven, he works his daily life as a doctor taking care of humans due to his immunity to their scent of blood and being compassionate to others.
  • Esme-484606 429620203747878 1896270186 n-1

    Esme Cullen

    Esme Cullen: Carlisle’s wife and co-leader. Esme possess no special talent but is known to show passionate love to people around her having strong maternal instincts being open to others.
  • Edward-376194 429619737081258 1836140990 n

    Edward Cullen

    Edward Cullen: A co-leader with the power of telepathy where he can hear the thoughts of others even from a far distance. When Aro was the leader, he was intrigued of Edward’s gift different to how Aro’s gift works and offers the vampire to join their coven but Edward declined every time he asked.


Tumblr n2x3v8V3LV1tufkh3o1 500

Bella and Lucas: the Volturi's most powerful guards

The guard, also known as the Volturi guard, is a group of vampires with powerful capabilities and serve as subordinates of the coven. Each member is given assignments fitting to their useful qualities: while most guards are assigned with protecting the prominent members and acting as executioners, some are assigned with other useful tasks.

  • Alice-549586 429619280414637 713310565 n-600x839

    Alice Cullen

    Alice Cullen: A guard with the ability to see the future. Alice receives visions to see any events and informs others about it.
  • Bella-306318 429619423747956 93621998 n

    Bella Swan

    Bella Swan: A guard and one of the two arsenal weapons; the other is Lucas Stone. Her gift of using her shield blocks out any psychic abilities that targets her or others minds as she can expand her shield makes her a powerful vampire on defense.
  • MV5BYjY3Y2ZlMjMtNDg1Yi00MzlhLTk5NmQtZjQ1MTU4YTU4YzQ0XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzA5ODc1MTQ@

    Bryce Summers

    Bryce Summers: A guard who helps persuades others to join their coven if they aren’t able to leave their own coven by their own will using his enhanced charm. He is known for his great reflexes and is an author.
  • 592461-28351

    Damien Grant

    Damien Grant: A guard who is a doctor with Carlisle.
  • Emmett-268304 429620107081221 431744994 n-600x839

    Emmett Cullen

    Emmett Cullen: A guard with strengths surpassing a regular vampire. Emmett is in charge of execution of any wrong doers that break the laws.

    Evan Black.

    Evan Black: A guard who is a Quileute shape shifter and Alpha of his pack with the gift to hear the thoughts of only his family in human form.
  • Jacob-555644 429620497081182 285483444 n

    Jacob Black

    Jacob Black: A guard who is a Quileute shape shifter and leader of the tribal council. He is part of his own pack where he gives them the update given by the Volturi.
  • RyanPotter 1106 PiccoloPublicRelations.jpg

    Jalen Long

    Jalen Long: A tracker far powerful than Demetri. His power allows him to pick up the essence of someone's mind and then follow it over any distance across the world to hunt them down. He can track a target after meeting him for the first time and then pick up the essence. His gift can also give him an edge to act before others react, anticipating their moves and also pick up the presence of someone’s approach. He is the owner of Long Corporation.
  • Jasper-418328 429620800414485 412720940 n

    Jasper Hale

    Jasper Hale: A guard in charge of training and combat with the ability to feel and control emotions. Jasper trains new members of the coven in preparation of fighting in combat.
  • JoeyKing

    Korrina Snow

    Korrina Snow:  A guard planning to work with Renesmee and Lucina at Twilight and N.B.A.L.S. Cosmetics.
  • Download

    Krystal Diamond

    Krystal Diamond: A guard with speed that surpasses a regular vampire. She is second-in-command to assist Jalen in tracking any wrong doers.
  • Dylan O'Brien 1 (HPR1)

    Lucas Stone

    Lucas Stone: A guard and one of the two arsenal weapons; the other is Bella Swan. His gift to read auras along with controlling his own to protect him from other psychic gifts along with shooting aura spheres makes him a powerful vampire on offense.
  • E83328dcb56c0ca7fb14803c167dd9c9

    Lucien Summers

    Lucien Summers: A guard with great reflexes and enhanced charm who is a math teacher in high school.
  • 63887385ffa662e50913e3223f1a5961--meeting-new-people-rowan-blanchard

    Lucina Stewart

    Lucina Stewart: Along with Rosalie and Renesmee is the secretary of the coven who communicates with people mentally with those she feels comfortable with. She and Renesmee own Twilight and N.B.A.L.S. Cosmetics.
  • MG 4889done-490x735

    Luna Snow

    Luna Snow: A guard who is an English teacher in high school.
  • 473df18c61a681cfc76eb0c2c153ae32

    Renesmee Cullen

    Renesmee Cullen: Along with Rosalie and Lucina is the secretary of the coven with the gift to show people her thoughts by touch as it can bypass shields. She and Lucina also own Twilight and N.B.A.L.S. Cosmetics.
  • Rosalie-552502 429621110414454 1551636146 n

    Rosalie Hale

    Rosalie Hale: Along with Renesmee and Lucina is the secretary of the coven who is extremely beautiful for a vampire using that to recruit others to join the Volturi.
  • Images-0

    Sarah Black

    Sarah Black: A guard who is a Quileute shape shifter and Beta of the Black pack with the gift to show people her thoughts without the need to make physical contact. Apart from her duties, she is also a yoga instructor.
  • DI-08YcXYAE1R1C

    Tiffany Stewart

    Tiffany Stewart: A guard who teaches kindergarten. She heals people from their scars or injuries with her gift and acts as a spy to encounter someone so she can see through their eyes.
  • Mele: Introduced only in Life and Death, Mele can absorb another vampire's gift and transfer it to someone else. She is Sulpicia's personal servant and thief, and played the role in helping her gain leadership of the coven in the alternate story.

Former members

  • Captura


    Aro: The former leader. His power of tactile telepathy allows him to access every thought a person has ever had by making physical contact with them. He is the most greedy, careful, yet ambitious and manipulative of the leaders, always looking for ways to collect the gifts that he desires, and would kill those he cares about if it meant maintaining his power of authority. He was executed by the Romanian coven for those actions.
  • Caius-


    Caius: The former co-leader of the Volturi. He does not possess any special talents, but his ambitions and hatred toward the Romanian coven impressed Aro so much that he decided to recruit him when they formed the coven. He is often in disagreement with Aro, but Chelsea's power has kept Caius loyal to him. He was executed by the Romanian coven.
  • Afton: One of the lowest ranked members within the guard. Though he has the gift of mental invisibility, he owes his state to his mate, Chelsea, who is the prominent member of the Volturi. His power is only enough to protect himself from pursuers by making himself mentally invisible to his enemies, but it can be easily seen through by someone with a sharp focus. He was executed by the Romanian coven.
  • Normal 034


    Alec: One of the two most powerful weapons of the Volturi; the other being his older twin sister, Jane. Alec has the power of sensory deprivation, which allows him to block all senses of those he directs at, making them simple targets during slaughter and incapacitation. His power manifests a hazy mist that blocks senses as soon as it touches someone; he can also control whom he wishes to affect, allowing others to easily slaughter his targets. For this reason and his ability to affect several people at the same time, he is the single most powerful weapon in battle. He was executed by the Romanian coven.
  • Chelsea: She is the linchpin of the Volturi due to her power of relationship manipulation, which allows her to break the emotional bindings of the Volturi's enemies as well as make a wanted vampire willingly join them. Whenever Aro invites a certain vampire into the coven, she uses her power to create the loyalty that wasn't there before and make that vampire willingly join the coven. She is also the center of the coven's organization, as she made the members more connected with one another. Because of this power, she shares a special relationship with Aro and often receives what she wants, in one occasion having her mate, Afton, be allowed to stay with the Volturi. Although her gift is powerful, it is not powerful enough to loosen the ties of true love. She was executed by the Romanian coven.
  • Corin: A guard with the power of addictive contentment, therefore she is assigned with keeping Sulpicia and Athenodora company in their tower. Though her power is useful in making others feel content and happy with their situations, it has a side-effect: anyone exposed to her power for too long will feel physically uncomfortable if they are not exposed to it for a period of time. Her power is the main reason that Chelsea is unable to leave the Volturi. She was executed by the Romanian coven.
  • BD1 3


    Demetri: An extremely powerful tracker. His power allows him to pick up the essence of someone's mind and then follow it over any distance across the world to hunt them down. Because of this, he is the main threat to those who wish to escape the Volturi's slaughter. He can track a target after meeting him for the first time or by coming in contact with someone who had met him in the past, and then pick up the essence.
  • Didyme: Marcus's deceased wife and Aro's younger sister. She had a gift to induce happiness in those around her. She and Marcus fell in love, and as they grew tired of the Volturi's lifestyle, they decided to leave the coven to find a more peaceful lifestyle. But before they could, Aro killed his own sister in order to keep Marcus within the Volturi, because he found his brother-in-law's power far more useful than hers. Marcus found out the truth of his wife’s murder when the Romanian attacked.
  • Eleazar-557016 429619953747903 1139590876 n


    Eleazar: A former member of the Volturi. He was invited into the coven because Aro thought his ability to sense the gifts in others was useful for when the Volturi scouted for new members. He resigned after meeting his spouse, Carmen, and joined the Denali coven sometime later. Aro only permitted his resignation to preserve his gift for later use. Eleazar is the only known guard member to leave the Volturi completely on his own will.
  • TWI-BD1 DC1


    Felix: The physically strongest warrior the Volturi has ever had. Though he wears a gray cloak that represents the replaceable guards, he actually has a permanent position within the coven. His superior strength and knowledge in combat skills makes him an intimidating opponent to those who try to fight him. It would be suicide to challenge him physically. Therefore, Felix is often present during executions. He was killed by Demetri when he tried to attack his daughter Jemma.
  • Heidi2


    Heidi: The "fisher", also the "bait", of the coven. Her power of physical attraction allows her to attract people, vampire or human, which is why she is mainly responsible for luring "food" to the Volturi's castle by feigning well-paid jobs and/or vacations to countries other than Italy. She was executed by the Romanian coven.
  • JaneFull


    Jane: One of the two most powerful weapons of the Volturi; the other being her younger twin brother, Alec. Her power of illusionary pain works by implanting a thought into a single target to make them think they are being burned alive, which effectively turns them into a simple target. This makes her frightening to other individuals. Her power is effective in maintaining a peaceful confrontation and inspiring fear. She also uses her power to incapacitate her opponents when the leaders are "counseling". She was executed by the Romanian coven.
  • Unnamed


    May: One of the recent new members of the Volturi recruited by Aro along with her siblings Niall and Olivia. Her power of invisibility is similar to Afton except that she can make other people she chooses to be invisible as well making her quite valuable to Aro. She was killed by the Olympic coven along with Niall in their failed attempt to assassinate the Cullens.
  • 2932097


    Niall: One of the recent new members of the Volturi recruited by Aro along with his sisters May and Olivia. His gift is to transform into black smoke whenever he runs very fast. He can also use his smoke to block out a vampire’s senses and gifts on him or others making him quite valuable to Aro. He was killed by the Olympic coven along with May in their failed attempt to assassinate the Cullens.
  • 85210b02f60fb606f362b1f8ea6cb2cf


    Olivia: One of the recent new members of the Volturi recruited by Aro along with her siblings May and Olivia. Her gift is to control people against their will with her hypnotism making her quite valuable to Aro. She was killed by Lucas Stone to release her control of Renesmee.
  • Renata: Aro's personal bodyguard. She has a powerful shield that allows her to repel an attacker and make them go another way. Her main responsibility in the guard is to protect Aro, but when Caius and Marcus are in need, she is assigned to protect them as well. She was executed by the Romanian coven.
  • Santiagovolturi


    Santiago: A physically imposing guard in the coven, though his strength and skills aren't as impressive as Felix's. Like Felix, he has no psychic gift, only tremendous physical strength. He was executed by the Romanian coven.
  • Unnamed tracker: According to The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, the Volturi had another tracker before Demetri, but when they heard of Demetri's more potent skill, they had him replaced. Whether he still lives today remains a mystery.
  • Recruited humans: During the Volturi's early reign, they recruited humans who sought the power and immortality of vampire lore and introduced them into the world with a set of preconceived ideas about vampire society - ideas that those new vampires eventually introduced to their own "offspring" and other covens they came in contact with. Up until the Volturi’s downfall, they continued to recruit humans after their position became well accepted in the world of vampires, though on a smaller scale: they utilized humans hopeful of becoming vampires as servants in order to create a human facade for their ancestral home. The majority of these humans were killed for their blood, and only those with potential supernatural talents were transformed.
  • Gianna-01


    Gianna: She was the Volturi's human secretary who appeared only in New Moon. She had hoped to become a vampire, but in the end, nothing was more valuable than her blood. However, she died giving birth to her and Demetri's daughter Jemma.
  • Bianca-BD1


    Bianca: She was the Volturi's human secretary after Valentina's disposal, and only appeared at the end of the first Breaking Dawn movie. Because of her poor spelling and grammar, Aro had her disposed of.
  • Valentina101


    Valentina: She was the Volturi's human secretary after Gianna's disposal, only appearing in a deleted scene of the first Breaking Dawn movie. Dissatisfied of her interrupting the Volturi's meal, Aro told Demetri to dispose of her.

Desired members

During Aro’s time, there have been a number of individuals who successfully refused invitations to join the Volturi: some of their superior emotional bonds were strong enough to resist Chelsea's gift and willingly make their choices. The only vampire who is immune to most of the Volturi's powers is Bella Swan, who has the ability to block invasive psychic powers and can shield others from them and Lucas Stone who can use his aura to block all psychic powers and read other people’s aura along with shooting aura spheres.

  • Alice-549586 429619280414637 713310565 n-600x839

    Alice Cullen

    Alice Cullen: A member of the Olympic coven. She has been invited into the coven several times by Aro due to his impression of her ability to see the future; but she declined every time. According to Edward, Aro has never wanted anything more than Alice's power, since he has never encountered anyone who can perceive the future. Edward termed it as Aro's desire for "virtual omniscience". His desire for her was the true reason for the Volturi gathering which nearly lead to war.
  • Bella-306318 429619423747956 93621998 n

    Bella Swan

    Bella Swan: A member of the Olympic coven. Aro was so impressed with Bella's ability to block mental powers when she was human that he invited her to join the Volturi, and again when she became a vampire; she declined both times. Since her gift is powerful enough to block the Volturi's strongest members' powers and shield others from them, she is an immense threat to the coven.
  • Benjamin-547723 429619517081280 308588573 n


    Benjamin: A member of the Egyptian coven with the unique ability to control the elements of nature, something no one has ever possessed in vampiric history. He was offered a place with the Volturi at the confrontation in Breaking Dawn; with the help of Bella's shield, however, he was able to decline the offer. With his kind of power, he is considered a rare find and therefore highly coveted.
  • TheWolfPackBD1

    The wolf packs

    The Black and Uley packs: During Renesmee's "trial", Aro saw memories of the Cullens' interactions with the La Push wolves. Thinking the Cullens had somehow tamed the wolves to be their pets, he was intrigued by the idea of the wolves working for him as guard dogs. The wolves snarled in response, effectively putting an end to that line of thinking. With Bella's psychic shield protecting them, the wolves were able to resist the Volturi's members' powers.
  • Edward-376194 429619737081258 1836140990 n

    Edward Cullen

    Edward Cullen: A member of the Olympic coven. Despite Aro had the talent to read every thought a mind has ever had, Edward's ability to read minds from a distance still intrigued him enough to make him frequently invite the vampire into the coven; he declined every time.
  • Kate-311674 429620897081142 1923271342 n


    Kate: A member of the Denali coven with the ability to shock others with a psychic electric shock projected on her skin. She was offered a position with the Volturi at the confrontation that took place in Breaking Dawn; she, like the rest who were offered and protected by Bella, declined the invitation.
  • Dylan O'Brien 1 (HPR1)

    Lucas Stone

    Lucas Stone: A member of the Olympic coven with the ability to use his aura to protect himself from all psychic powers and read people’s auras as well as shooting aura spheres. Aro was very intrigued of Lucas’s ability and offered him a position with the Volturi that took place in A New Life but he immediately declined.
  • 63887385ffa662e50913e3223f1a5961--meeting-new-people-rowan-blanchard

    Lucina Stewart

    Lucina Stewart: The resident half-human half-vampire hybrid member of the Olympic coven with the ability to communicate mentally to others and has a mental shield. Hearing about Lucina’s gift and being one of the few gifted hybrids, Aro offered a position in their coven in Full Of Surprises but was declined by Lucas.
  • 473df18c61a681cfc76eb0c2c153ae32

    Renesmee Cullen

    Renesmee Cullen: The resident half-human half-vampire hybrid member of the Olympic coven with the abilities to communicate with others mentally through touch and break through their mental defenses. Aro kidnapped her so that she could join their coven but was foiled in his attempt by the Cullens.
  • DI-08YcXYAE1R1C

    Tiffany Stewart

    Tiffany Stewart: A member of the Olympic coven with the ability to heal and see through the person’s eyes by touch. Hearing about Tiffany’s gift, Aro offered a position in their coven in Full Of Surprises but was declined by Lucas.
  • Zafrina-306726 429622447080987 2050679132 n


    Zafrina: A member of the Amazon coven with the ability to project illusions into the minds of others. She was offered a place with the Volturi at the confrontation in Breaking Dawn; with Bella's shield to protect her free will, she declined.